Fire Suppression

We offer UL/ULC, DOT/TC component-listed, non component-listed and EN/TPED-approved fire suppressant cylinders to leading manufacturers.

Our specification DOT/TC cylinders are approved for the storage and transportation of many substances, including dry or wet chemical extinguishing agents.

To ensure that the substances you intend to use can be stored and transported in specification cylinders, contact us and verify your intended application with DOT or TC.

Product features:
  • Rugged, seamless drawn steel construction
  • Powder-coated for a durable, lasting finish
  • 100 percent pressure tested
  • Constructed to meet UL-299, UL-2166 and CAN/ULC-S504-M86 requirements
  • UL and ULC recognized component listed
  • 195 psi service pressure for non-spec products: DOT-4B/TC-4BM, DOT-4BA, TC4BAM, DOT-4BW/TC4BWM pressures up to 500 psi
  • Available in standard red or custom colors
Fire suppression cylinders for European markets feature:
  • Large standing base
  • State-of-the-art Longlife Powercoat coating
  • Constructed to EN 1964-2/ ISO 9809-2
  • TPED approved
  • Tested through Bureau Veritas
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