Drawn Steel Shells and Filter Housings

We offer drawn steel shells used for filter housings, air accumulators, fire extinguishers and pressure vessel housings.

Our deep-drawn and ironed shells are cold-formed in a single press cycle that creates a smooth surface finish and tight geometric tolerances. They’re ideal for filter housings in low pressure hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

We have several configurations of standard shells and custom sizes available. Design options include dual port and cartridge applications.

Product features:
  • Made of AISI C1008 mild steel with tensile strength of 90,000 psi and yield strength of 80,000 psi
  • Burst occurs in the sidewall in ductile failure mode, with no fragmentation
  • Dual port cylinders are circumferentially welded and available in sizes from three to seven inches in diameter and 16 to 27 long. Any standard pipe half-coupling can be welded on each end
  • Cartridge applications include open-ended shells that can be flanged or modified to suit specific design requirements
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Inside Diameter 3 - 7 IN
Length 8.9 - 28.5 IN
Minimum Wall Thickness 0.037 - 0.060 IN

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