Cabs and tanks to keep mine sites moving

Mining is a precision business—especially when it comes to its heavy-duty vehicles. At Worthington Industries, we make cabs used in mining vehicles and the fuel tanks used to power them.

We engineer, design and build cabs for large mining dump trucks, loaders, excavators, blast hole drills and more. If you’re interested in developing or converting mine haul trucks to liquid natural gas (LNG), we can help. We have taken the lead designing and engineering natural gas tanks for vehicles currently using diesel fuel.

Mine operators and OEMs appreciate our vast experience in testing standards and industry regulations. Our combined expertise in engineered cabs comes from more than 40 years in the business—and we’ll put all of it to work to meet specific needs of the mine site.

Together, we can make mining the next industry to benefit from cleaner burning LNG—at what could be half the cost of diesel for the same output. We’re here to help you and your team consider the opportunities LNG offers. Work with us for access to our cross-market expertise in design and conversion to natural gas vehicles.

Our engineers and designers are always ready to tackle your specific challenge.