While consumers focus on the fun, we focus on strength, safety and durability

With more than 50 years in the recreation market, we offer people the chance to have fun—without thinking about the cylinders or steel that make it all possible.  

We sell to industrial gas distributors and retail outlets. Our customers tell us they like tapping in to our vast expertise in safe products used at home, at work and on the road for parties, DIY projects, passion sports and more. You’ll see years of meticulous engineering design in our portable helium tanks for balloons. Our propane tanks used in RVs fuel the fun when camping and our steel, used in the various parts of an RV, helps ensure a quality product. Next time you take a ride on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), know that the strength of our steel is used to make frames that can hold up in extreme sports but are light enough to keep it moving.

Our multiple steel processing locations and centralized cylinders manufacturing locations also help our customers reduce freight costs and product travel time. 

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