Fire & Rescue

Cylinders for fire suppression, breathing support and rescue equipment

We make cylinders used in many fire and rescue applications
  • Firefighters and first responders around the world carry Worthington Industries breathing air cylinders on their SCBA packs.
  • Our cylinders are used as breathing support on Arktos craft for crews evacuating oil rigs in an emergency. On-site safety trailers hold breathing air for miners, etc working in confined or remote spaces.
  • Fire suppression cylinders store and transport dry and wet extinguishing agents for portable and system fire extinguishers used in homes, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, museums – protecting people and valuable assets.
  • On aircraft like the Boeing 777, lightweight composite cylinders are used to inflate evacuation slides and life rafts, store oxygen for the passengers and crew and store energy to open doors, lower flaps or the landing gear.
Equipment OEMs, supply manufacturers and distributors count on our products to be the most reliable and most tested, designed to fully integrate with the equipment and operations systems they use. We manufacture to global standards including DOT, European and Russian-approved SCBA cylinders. These cylinders are specified for use with all major OEM packs, UL/ ULC component-listed and EN/ TPED approved fire suppressant cylinders and composite cylinders approved to global standards.

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