High Pressure Steel


Our industry-leading steel high pressure cylinders are light weight and feature a large standing base, which make them the preferred choice for gas distributors worldwide. Our industrial cylinders are used around the world for welding, medicine, laboratories, food and beverage technology, fire protection equipment and water treatment applications.

Superior Cylinder Paint Coatings

Our proprietary Longlife PowerCoat paint finish is unique to the industry. High pressure steel cylinders treated with the Longlife PowerCoat retain a flawless surface that reduces refurbishment and downtime costs. This ensures the highest corrosion resistance, superior adhesion and high impact resistance that keeps your packaged gas look appealing for a long time. The PowerCoat is able to withstand up to five thousand hours of salt spray testing before showing any trace of corrosion.

See our recent salt spray test improvements below.

PowerCoat Layer Type New Hours Previous Hours Percentage Change
(SL) Single Layer (standard paint) 500 h 240 h 108.3%
(SL+) Single Layer with zinc phosphate 1,000 h 720  38.8%
(DL+) Double Layer with zinc phosphate > 5,000 h 3,000 h 66.6%

Internal Cleanliness Improvements

We offer steel cylinders with purity levels well below the industry standards. Our high pressure steel cylinders offer an internal cleanliness as low as of 50mg/m2 hydrocarbons and 20 mg/m2 particles. With additional treatments, the hydrocarbons can be reduced to 10mg/m2 hydrocarbons and 5 mg/m2 particles for more sophisticated applications.

This increased cleanliness is essential in the automotive, electronics and medical industries where quality is of high importance.  


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(1) Lose und anhaftende Partikel; Spülen mit Dichlomethan und gravimetrischer Ermittlung / loose and adherent particles; rinsing with dichloromethane and gravimetric determination

SP: Standard Purity
HP: High Purity
UHP: Ultra High Purity

Cylinder Standards

Steel high pressure cylinders are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory located in Kienberg, Austria. They are sold and distributed globally and can be produced to a variety of international specifications based on regional and country-specific requirements.  

Our high-pressure cylinders are available in standards like EN 1964-1, EN 1964-2, ISO 4705, IS7285, DOT 3AA, TC 3AAM, BS 5045, ISO 9809-1, ISO 9809-2 and ISO 9809-3.

Please contact your local representative for more information on cylinder models and specifications that are available in your area.

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