Value Analysis

A unique way to offer significant cost savings for our customers.

We offer a value analysis program where our team of experts go to our customers’ facilities and we work together to develop ways to make products more efficiently, improve quality and reduce waste. These exercises have resulted in significant cost savings for our customers.

Through our own efforts to transform the effectiveness of our operations, we’ve been able to share these learnings with our partners in the business, our customers. The transformation of our business has resulting in significantly improved machine changeover times, reduced lead times and improved on-time delivery. Waste reduction is another area where we’ve had a significant impact and can help our customers as well.

We don’t claim to be consultants but we do have a desire to help our customers achieve their business goals in the most economical way. The value analysis programs conducted over the past few years have resulted in a minimum of 20 to 30 recommendations per customer.

One of our customers who went through the program had this to say:

“I thank you all for your participation in the Value Analysis session. We have identified several areas of interest for both companies. Most importantly, I feel we all gained a deeper understanding of the ‘total’ supply chain. This can only make us stronger partners going forward.”

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