Supplier Quality Program

Being a loyal partner to our suppliers

Our suppliers are critical partners for us to provide quality products to our customers and the markets we serve. We are proud to partner with suppliers around the world who provide raw materials and components for our products. We prefer to develop long-term, strategic supplier relationships in order to continually improve raw material quality and achieve annual reductions in raw material costs.

Our Pressure Cylinders group has developed a Supplier Quality Program that provides a platform for us to track, communicate and be a loyal partner to suppliers who provide quality materials to our operations. Suppliers are rated quarterly on PPM, nonconformance and delivery. All new parts go through a rigorous purchase parts approval process (PPAP) to ensure the parts integrate into our operations safely and efficiently. Worthington is a loyal customer to suppliers who earn Certified Supplier status through consistent, quality supply. If benchmarks are achieved, the supplier can achieve certification.  In addition, one supplier is awarded ‘Supplier of the Year’ on an annual basis.