Scrap Metal Management Solutions

Do you know what your No. 2 source of revenue is? For most of our customers it is scrap metal. Let us help you increase your scrap revenue by managing your scrap metal.

Worthington Industries is a market resource with knowledgeable scrap metal expertise. Many of our customers spend a tremendous amount of time trying to manage their scrap metal programs. We can take this over for you and also negotiate your next scrap metal contract to ensure you are getting paid a fair market price.

Ask yourself these questions in regards to your current scrap metal management process:
  1. Are you accurately tracking each load of scrap metal that leaves your facility on a day to day basis?
  2. Do you perform an annual bid process to solicit the highest value for your metal material?
  3. Do you have a contract in place that protects you from metal market changes?
  4. How are you validating that what has left your facility is accurately being paid?

Here is what one customer had to share with us in regards to our program:
“We saved $70,000 within the first year of joining your program. Your team makes sure we are getting paid what we should be getting paid.

What used to take five hours a week to manage now only takes five minutes a week. Because you guys keep track of everything, I don’t have to interface with scrap vendors or worry about paperwork anymore and that is a beautiful thing.”

Our scrap verification process is easy to implement. Request a free initial consultation today.