Our customer service, shipping, transportation and regulatory teams work closely to coordinate complex logistics for our customers around the world.

From a small box of propane torches shipped from our Wisconsin manufacturing facility to a hardware store in the Midwest, to a container of high pressure steel cylinders sent from our Austria facility to an industrial gas customer in Africa, we have the experience and in-house expertise to ensure each product is shipped safely and reliably. Our customer service and logistics teams ensure products are shipped safely and comply with both export and import guidelines.
  • We use INCOTERMS 2010, terms commonly used and accepted world-wide by all countries
  • Our pool of forwarders are familiar with maritime regulations, import/export process and export documentation required, to provide high quality delivery services.
We know that truck transportation is plagued with capacity constraints, lack of drivers and increasing regulations. Changes to the Hours Of Service (HOS) regulations in 2013 have reduced driver productivity, and increased driver pay has resulted in rapidly increasing rates. Our steel processing facilities have made plant improvements to save each driver's time when product is picked-up and delivered to our facility.

Here are a few examples: 
  • Shot clocks have been installed to track loading times and strive for improvements
  • Tablets are available for e-signature, to avoid wait times for printing and copying
  • Computer kiosks were installed for driver check-in at the dock instead of walking through the facility
  • Steel coils are staged by location