Lightweighting Initiatives

Worthington Industries is developing lightweighting solutions for vehicles without sacrificing safety and performance.

Nearly 40 percent of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) improvements that is required by 2025 for cars and light trucks will come from vehicle weight savings. It has been said that the automotive industry is looking for a holistic solution to lighweighting.

That’s where we come in.

We know you are focused on reducing the vehicle weight and you won’t compromise on safety, performance, durability or cost. We understand your challenges and have the experience and innovative mindset to help. Our team of metallurgists is developing high strength steels that work as solutions for customers.

Our Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB) joint venture specializes in laser welded blanks and coils, a key link between affordable weight reduction and high safety requirements; further increasing material selection opportunities from mild steel grades, to advanced high strength steel grades, to (boron) hot stamping materials.

Beyond automotive, Worthington has developed lightweight cylinders for weight-critical applications in many markets.

Our aluminum-lined inner vessels on our cryogenic transport trailers provide increased payload, compared to industry-standard options. Composite Type III cylinders are lighter than steel or aluminum cylinders and are ideal for firefighters and emergency response teams, aviation applications and alternative fuel storage on cars, buses and fleets. Our steel industrial gas cylinders are between five and 30 percent lighter than standard product (depending on model), providing reduced transportation costs over the life of a cylinder and easier handling.