Joint Ventures

Worthington Armstrong Venture (WAVE)

WAVE is a joint venture of Worthington and Armstrong World Industries. It has established worldwide leadership in the production of suspended ceiling systems.

WAVE produces metal ceiling grids that can combine with Armstrong ceiling boards as a complete package or can be sold individually.

Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB)

TWB, located in Michigan, Alabama, Kentucky and Mexico, is a joint venture with WISCO Tailored Blanks that produces laser-welded blanks for the automotive industry.

Laser welding technology enables TWB to fuse steel shapes of different sizes, thicknesses, grades and coatings into one flat steel blank. Automakers use TWB's products to make lighter, stronger and less costly metal components like inner door panels, interior body frames and side rails.

Serviacero Worthington

Serviacero Worthington, a Worthington Industries-Serviacero Planos joint venture, was formed in 2007. It operates three steel service centers in Mexico.

Serviacero Worthington offers services like slitting, pickling, multi-blanking, heavy gauge blanking and cutting-to-length for customers in the automotive, appliance, electronics and heavy equipment industries.

ClarkDietrich Building Systems

In 2011, ClarkWestern Building Systems and Dietrich Metal Framing combined to form ClarkDietrich Building Systems. We own 25 percent of this joint venture. It manufactures light-gauge metal framing and finishing products, systems and services for commercial and residential construction.

ClarkDietrich operates 13 facilities in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Texas and Ohio.

ArtiFlex Manufacturing

ArtiFlex Manufacturing’s ultra-low-volume die and assembly solution for low-volume production now leads our growth initiatives. ArtiFlex has locations in Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

This joint venture was formed in 2011 with our automotive stamping company and international tooling solutions. It offers integrated solutions for engineering, tooling, stamping and assembly.

Worthington Specialty Processing (WSP)

A partnership with US Steel, WSP processes more than 750,000 tons of wide-sheet steel for the auto industry every year. WSP has three facilities in Michigan.

Spartan Steel Coating

Spartan Steel Coating is a joint venture with AK Steel. Located in Michigan, Spartan produces 600,000 tons of light-gauge, hot-dipped galvanized steel every year. This is primarily done for value-added automotive applications.

With its focus on coating light-gauge, cold-rolled steel, Spartan complements the galvanizing expertise at our Delta facility, which galvanizes hot-rolled steel.

Worthington Samuel Coil Processing

In 2020 Worthington acquired a majority ownership of the Samuel Steel Pickling Company, a joint venture Worthington had with Samuel, Son & Co. since 2010. The transaction added Worthington’s recently acquired Heidtman Cleveland facility to the joint venture, which also has facilities in Cleveland and Twinsburg, Ohio, and increases Worthington's capabilities in pickling steel.