65 Acts of Good

Worthington Industries just wrapped up its 65th anniversary year. Reflecting back on this milestone, it certainly came with a unique set of challenges – navigating a global pandemic and one of the tightest steel markets in the last three decades, to name a couple – but in looking back I know that what I will remember most is how the difficult times showcased the strength, resilience and positive impact our employees make.

One of the best examples of this is the “65 Acts of Good” initiative our employees undertook in celebration of the Company’s anniversary year. Employees worldwide made it their mission to complete 65 positive acts over 12 months that made days brighter and lives better for our customers, our business partners, our communities and for each other.

Despite the challenges faced, our people stepped up in classic Worthington fashion. We saw facilities prioritize production for medical cylinders, in response to the growing need for medical oxygen as COVID cases surged. Others hosted onsite blood drives to help ease the critical need in their communities. As demand for our essential products increased, Worthington’s office and support staff volunteered to work shifts in our manufacturing facilities to balance the workload on our frontline employees. And those are just a few examples! To say I’m proud of our employees and all we’ve accomplished together is an understatement. THEY MAKE BETTER POSSIBLE EVERY DAY. I encourage you to read on for more and to view the complete list of 65 acts. Enjoy!

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Andy Rose
President & CEO
Investing in
Our People & Our Communities
In 2015, Worthington made a small investment in start-up company Nikola Motors. In 2020, Nikola went public and Worthington shared a portion of the proceeds from the investment with employees, established a charitable endowment and started an employee emergency relief fund. Here's an excerpt from President & CEO Andy Rose's video message to employees.
40 Employees
volunteered & made over
2,000 Face
for our essential workers
Production of Medical Oxygen Cylinders Prioritized Amid Pandemic Crisis in India
Giving Life-Saving Blood
Worthington's facility in Monroe, Ohio organized several onsite Red Cross blood drives throughout the year to help ease the critical need for blood in their community, with over half of employees donating for the first time. Listen as their Environmental Health & Safety Manager shares a little about their efforts.
Creating Better Solutions
Worthington's IT team created an app that allows our truck drivers to check-in and sign all documents from their personal phones without leaving their trucks — a complete touch-free solution, which increases safety and convenience for both drivers and our employees.
Voluteering in Our Manufacturing Facilities to Support Our Frontline
"It speaks volumes that Corporate employees volunteered their own time to come in regardless of their role in the Company. Not only did they have the responsibilities of their job to do, but they came here to cover shifts at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. too," said Operator Tony Aquino.
Worthington's onsite Medical Center conducted
Over 10
onsite vaccine clinics, vaccinating
employees & dependents during work hours
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